Cherry Bitez offers more than feminine beautiful dresses.

The classy dresses are a means to my mission: strengthen women in the awareness of their feminine power & beauty. Supporting growth & evolution of feminine energy and empowerment of women overall.


Every woman deserves their personal perfect powerdress. That's why all dresses in our collection are designed by women, for women. After all, nobody knows our bodies better than we do.

Below an impression of our selection.




Cherry Bitez is not just another boutique. We take it to the personal.


Femininity goes beyond appearances.

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Our dresses vary between €100 - €350

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Cherry Bitez Personal


Your private moments to discover, discuss and explore your inner life. Offering you serenity, emotional safety and insights. The time, place and safe haven to be mirrored and guided by my senses. For you to (re)discover and empower yourself from your own wisdom.


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Cherry Bitez Circles


Real moments with real women, all different yet similar. Opportunity to safely connect, exchange insights, share stories and empower eachother and yourself. Build eachother up. 



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Cherry Bitez is founded as a platform for the empowerment of femininity  and unity of women.

So inside, so outside. We know that how we feel, influences our overall appearance. And vice versa; how we see ourselves in the mirror influences how we feel about ourselves. At Cherry Bitez we will guide you in all perceptions of yourself. We'll support you in discovering your personal balanced view.

Thanks to life and learnings our purpose is basic and refined: empower & unite women, support, root and clap for eachother. Listen to and learn from the stories of the women from yesterday and years. And guide the next gen women, to take over in pushing forward the inevitable changes in re-empowering and re-establishing women.