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Cherry Bitez was initially founded as a platform to empower your feminine energy and to (re)unite women. The boutique was the starting grid and the visitor &  customers are my inspiration.



By now there is opportunity and availability for  Personal Empowerment   sessions.

Contact me for your private booking. I will guide you back to your core and help remind you of your unique and feminine powers and beauty. Remember you of your accomplishments and help you become aware of your triggers. As a next step to guide you in healing them.

Coaching Sessions for Women or choose Women Circle Empowerment
Empower & Unite

Unite & Empower

Women Network
| Womanhood = You, Sisterhood = Us |

My customers are and will remain my source of inspiration. and reason to perservere. In juggling the different rolls as partner, spouse, employee, entrepreneur, employer, mother, daughter, friend and foremost as vrouw - my respect  for women in this juggle, their power and endurance keeps increasing.

I admire their open-mind and heart while staying flexible in whatever life presents them.  


So to further connect women the Cherry Bitez Circles*

have been  actived in 2016. Meet, share, learn, and inspire in a safe and sincere  settings. Spend your valuable time to connect with like-minded women. You will  find support, resonate  and grow your network and knowledge.

Contact  us for a information & invitation.


The Circles are on personal invitation only.

Warderobe Consult

Based on your needs, wishes, your personality, style and phase in life; I will give you my take and a different perspective based on you. My honesty on colours, accessories and your personal styles.

You  talk, I listen.

You show  me, I will extend my advise.



Get in touch for your appointment.